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Cornell NEXT

What if…

…we could track and repair individual cells deep inside the body?
…we could build an environmental lab inside of a raindrop?
…we could nano-engineer batteries to make fossil fuels obsolete?
…we could create nanoscale machines as easily as we build electronic circuits?

NEXT is a multi-year interdisciplinary program at Cornell created to push nanoscale science and microsystems engineering to the next level of design, function and integration. 

NEXT is:

  • Approx. 10 targeted senior hires across campus in NEXT-relevant fields
  • Searches are overseen by an interdisciplinary, cross-college committee
  • Labs will be co-located in clusters across campus
  • The Kavli Institute at Cornell and the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility provide infrastructure, seed funding, and postdoctoral fellow support

Our goal of hiring 10 outstanding nano/micro focused faculty members in the next five years is just the first of the NEXT Initiatives at Cornell. Join us in building the future!

Download or view the NEXT one page vision statement.